DGC Radzimierz Roseanna (Willow) is a Silver Mackerel Tabby Siberian, and is immensely mischievous and is the most talkative member of the family.

She has the sweetest nature to match her sweet features. She is very popular with visitors and very outgoing. She loves to play chase with everyone and her favourite game is 'fetch and catch' the ball. Willow passes this wonderful trait on to her kittens. She is very impatient at mealtimes, and often can't wait for her tea to be served.

Big thank you to Mandy Symonds for letting Willow join our family.

Willow gains Grand Champion Title at first TICA Show August 2007!
WOW Go Girl!!!

Willow has beautiful Siberian kittens in shades of Silver, Brown, Black, Blue and Blue Silvers, in an assortment of tabbies including Spotted and Mackerel.

Willow has now retired from breeding and is enjoying her retirement just around the corner from us with Alexandrite Porsha.

Dad: Radzimierz Korchnoi (Blue Smoke) 
Mum: Valenvic Rossi (Brown)

TICA Titles & Awards

Double Grand Champion Radzimierz Roseanna

Award of Excellence - Region of Northern Europe

2nd Best Black Silver Mackerel Tabby Siberian of the Year, 08

GCCF Awards
Willow achieved 4 merits while being shown at GCCF and was placed in numerous side classes and at her first show had a "Red Card Day".

SGCA Alexandrite Azazeal (Grumpy)
Alexandrite Anyanka
Alexandrite Beonin (Boo Boo)
CH Alexandrite Cordelia (Frostie)
Willow and Anyanka
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